PayPal in Serbia from 9. April

Even thought April fools day has passed, when we saw news that was announced on Magalena festival in Slovenia, that PayPal is coming to Serbia, we have considered it as a joke. PayPal itself was quick to assure us that news was true. On 9. April they made registration from Serbia possible.



As expected, the services offered by PayPal in Serbia are limited at the moment, but we can expect a full range of services over time. Currently, you can create account, link credit card from Serbian banks, send money abroad and paz for goods/services on websites that work exclusively with PayPal payment system.

For easy understanding of current services, lets answer few common questions.

  1. What is needed for new account?
    You need to register with valid email address, personal info and credit card which has internet payment enabled. Both email address and credit card must be verified. While verification of email address is standard one, procedure for credit card validation is next: They charge your card with €1.5 and in your receipt you receive 4 digits code. When you enter that code on PayPal website, your money gets returned to your account.
  2. Can I send money abroad and pay for product/services online?
    Yes, these options are available from Serbia now.
  3. Can I receive money from abroad?
    No, at this point this is not possible and there is no information about when it will be.
  4. Can I withdraw money from my PayPal account?
    No, at this point you can only spend your money, not withdraw it.

Even though this is great news, more work is needed for all policies and procedures to be improved so our development teams and companies that do business online can be competitive on global market. Magento developers and shop owners in Serbia will soon catch up on this improvement in business world of our country.

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