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Implementek develops Banca Intesa Magento payment module

Every market has its own financial laws and payment processing procedures. The Magento community in Serbia is expanding more and more each day and there is a demand for a high quality domestic payment processing tool. In cooperation with Banca Intesa, we have created a…

Magento Design – Explanation of exceptions

If you look in System> Configuration> General> Design -> Theme and Package section, notice that Magento provides “Add Exception” button for most parameters. There is also a headline that says, “Pair expressions  in the same order as they appear in the configuration.” What does it…

Magento 2 announced for mid 2013.

The Magento community is growing worldwide with developers and merchants yearning for constant improvements. During the past years, the system evolved and many updates were released to improve security and functionality. Now they announced a monumental step forward that will include numerous rewrites and a refactoring of the codebase.

Kitties, our unofficial trademark

Cats have become our trademark. Wherever we move at least one adopts us. This time we were adopted by three of them! We have to admit that we have a favorite. He is small, yellow, has a tiny pink nose and his name is Stinky.…

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