Implementek develops Banca Intesa Magento payment module

Every market has its own financial laws and payment processing procedures. The Magento community in Serbia is expanding more and more each day and there is a demand for a high quality domestic payment processing tool. In cooperation with Banca Intesa, we have created a module for Magento which enables domestic e-shop owners to offer their products and get paid simply via credit cards.

The advantages of using the e-commerce service for merchants:

  • Lower expenses of forming and maintaining internet selling place in reference with the classical selling place
  • Dealing according to the principle just in time
  • Dealing according to the principle 24 x 7
  • Availability of the product/service to the buyers from the whole world
  • Cross-selling and better segmentation of the market
  • The seller will be identified by the customer as a leader in application of modern technology

With an e-commerce solution and this module, merchants from Serbia are competitive on the global market.

Main characteristics of Banca Intesa payment module

1. Security

The module is developed according to the latest security standards and payment itself is processing on bank’s server and secure pages so there is no threats to the merchant or the user.

2. Easy configuration

With great integration in Magento configuration section and plenty of configurable details, this module is very easy to setup and use. If you find yourself in a problem, don’t worry, we offer support.

3. Transaction types

  • Purchase – when a merchant sells a service or goods that a customer can redeem right away, his credit card is charged instantly
  • Authorization – when a merchant sells products that need to be shipped and in that case the amount of the purchase just reduces the limit on the card. Actual purchase occurs when the bank receives an authorization notification. Usually that is when the goods are shipped.

4. User friendly front end

Look and feel of this payment processing tool is familiar to users and they will feel comfortable and safe while shopping.

Banca Intesa payment system module for Magento and Serbian market will be available soon via Implementek store.

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