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A design and development of web sites – a few tips to get a great website

If you design a good website, it can be your best marketing tool. Make an effort therefore that, from the beginning, you make a good design, conduct the process of the design and the development of your site and make good decisions.

We are often surprised by how many of our clients contact us when they have a firm idea of ​​what they want on their web site, but they still haven’t considered some basic questions. Therefore, right away our first question is “Why do you need a website?” rather than “What do you want to have on the site”?

Your website is your marketing tool. For a large number of companies, it is the only source of customers and business. If you are wise, your web site can become a major source of  income.

Here’s a list of quick tips for a good web design and great website.

1. Set smart goals. Goals must be measurable. Some examples are: increased sales, more clients, reducing the burden on employees, strengthening the brand.

2. Plan to become an SEO expert. Of course you’ll find an SEO expert for your website, but search engine optimization (SEO) is something that you yourself must know. Visit the site SEOmoz and stay informed about new changes and SEO trends.

3. Use open-source tools and applications. When you are in the process of making a web site, of course you can choose a system that was made just for you and just as you desire. But it  means that you will be bound to the web design company you hired in the beginning. If you use an open source system (for managing data or an online store) such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, all professional web design companies, in Serbia or abroad, will be able to later work on your site, giving you the ability for later modifications as well as changing the web design team, in case you are not satisfied with the first.

4. Think about the mobile Internet. Explore what percentage of your visitors use mobile phones to access your web site. If this number is large, making a mobile application or site should be on your list of priorities, or you have to make sure that the web design and development support access from different devices.

5. Keep an eye the competition. Before you begin developing your site, check out what your competition is working on, and write down what they do well. These features can then be used as a guide for making your own web site.

6. Commit to creating a good content. Even the best web design can not save a site that doesn’t have a good content. If you have an online store, provide product images and description. If you sell services, the core of each service type. Collect as much content before you start making the web site and especially the web design. Your content will in general give a guideline for the web design.

7. Write wisely. Your content should lead visitors to a particular action. So think about what you want to be the next step of your visitors and write with that in mind. If you have a big sale, do not just write “Sale 50% off “, but ” Sale 50% discount. Click here to view products on sale. “

8. Answer all the “Why?” questions. Visualize a reason for the services you offer for your visitors. If you want to motivate people to register for the newsletter, in addition to forms add “Sign up to get the best weekly deals.”

9. Trust your web design team. When you entrust the job to a web design company, have confidence in them. The attitude “I know what I want and I want it just like that” will not bring the best results. Remember that you hired a company because they do have more experience and knowledge of the field then you. Express your wishes, but be open to the advice of your web design company.

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