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Four common steps for a good web design

An attractive, distinctive and professional web design is what all companies want for their website. Most companies do not achieve this goal immediately. In fact, all go through four different stages that eventually provide a good web design:

1. Step: enthusiasm about the idea of ​​a web site and in the center of attention is the web design

At this stage the company is delighted with the idea to do a web site and now the company is trying to learn all about web design elements – video! Graphics! Flash! – The company wants to create a fancy web site, which will have a lot of cool elements. The result is often that one has a web site that loads slowly, or not very user friendly. Be careful – web sites with excessive graphics and animations can even have the opposite effect than expected, and instead of being intriguing and retain visitors, they will make them impatient and make them leave the site and go to the web site of the competition.

2. Step: internet marketing and search engine optimization

At this stage, the company takes care of its web site ranking. The company’s web site can exist for a couple of months and look very professional, but does not get a lot of visibility in the rankings on search engines (Google, Yahoo…). Many companies will at this stage hire an internet marketing consultant, and the result is a very simple web site page that is full of relevant content and articles, sometimes good sometimes bad.

3. Step: useful web sites directed at visitors (user friendly)

At this stage, the company usually becomes unsatisfied. Designing based on good looks did not help, nor did it help designing for search engines. Now the company is focusing on designing your website for visitors. Many companies in this phase will employ experts who will finally make a website user-friendly.

4. Step: an attractive and appropriate web design, user-friendly web sites, that hold high positions in search engines

This is the final stage that any company wants to come to. The web site is user-friendly, has retained elements of its attractive design and features content that is optimized for search engines.

At what stage is your business at?

The good news is that you do not have to go through all four stages. Simply call Implementek, a web design company (Belgrade, Serbia), which makes nice changes. The Implementek team understands usability, a good design, SEO (search engine optimization) and Internet marketing so that our complete team of experts will help you to have a web site that performs an excellent job. We create a website with the latest marketing techniques to increase visibility in search engines, but before we hand over your web site to you, we test our work to make sure that it is easy to use for any of your visitors. Web sites that we design not only possess an outstanding design, but also a short loading time. Did we mention that this is all within the budget – your budget? Call Implementek!

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