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Should we judge a website based on its look?

We all know the saying that one should not judge a book by its cover. Ugly covers sometimes hide a very useful book or a beautifully written work. The problem is that the truism is not transmitted directly to the virtual world, which means that your website visitors will appreciate the look often above everything else, so if you want them to take a peek a little deeper into your site, you need to make its appearance very appealing. Here are some tips and guidelines for a quality web design of your website:

  • Do not use Flash or animation as an introduction to the site. These elements are interesting to the eye, but more often annoy visitors because they have to wait. Also these elements repeat every time you visit the web site. As a last resort, put the “skip” button, and allow visitors to save time and go directly through to your web site.
  • Also,  when a visitor first comes to your website, he must see the name and activity of your company, to make it clear what you do, what you offer, and that the company logo is clearly visible on the site. If visitors have to seek this information through the site, the website is not planned well.
  • Let all the elements be presented beautifully and clearly. Choose colors that are simple and do not strain the eyes, and look good on a computer screen. Make sure that the contrast between the text and the background is high, in order to avoid eye fatigue when reading the otherwise barely visible text. Also font text should be the size and shape that are easy to read. Plan plenty of white space on the pages of your website, to avoid appearance of overcrowding.
  • Allow visitors to easily find the needed information. Conduct a simple survey that will tell you what information is needed and requested most. Then plan a good web site navigation that will clearly indicate where visitors can find that information. The most important information goes to the top and the first in the list of tabs.
  • Let your web site be interesting. See what your competition is working on? Are they doing something  the same as you? Find a way to be different and original, to stand out from the others. Offer your visitors the option of downloading some free information, helpful tips and entertaining content from your website. After this you will notice more and more visitors coming back, and becoming loyal.
  • Finally, do not forget to update your website. Enter fresh data, change things so that every time someone comes back they can expect and look forward to innovations.

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