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Google Trusted Stores are now available for Magento Connect!

Give your customers a great online shopping experience that they are searching for through Google Trusted Stores! Magento retailers now have the opportunity to put a label of a Google Trusted Store on their e-commerce site fast and easy downloading Magento Connect.

In order to obtain the label, stores must provide fast and reliable deliveries and a  responsible customer service. The result in these fields will be displayed in a map report that visitors can see when they hover over the retailer’s website label. With these indicators, employers may offer greater transparency to the online shopping experience.

The potential benefits of getting the Google Trusted Store label include increasing online conversions and the average number of new orders, as can be seen by other vendors. In addition, Google Trusted Stores labels can appear in ads on and in the list of products in “Google Shopping”.

The text is taken from the website for Implementek Magento Serbia.


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